Our History

Water Business

All-Ways Drilling has been around for 29 years, existing as a mom and pop company in the northern parts of Idaho — owned and operated by Stanley Jr. (Butch) and Becky Wolfe since 1991 … Butch running the drilling and employees, Becky taking care of the technicalities, and both of them with their hands in the business full time. Butch’s mother, Pauline, has also had a huge part in All-Ways Drilling by taking care of the books. And, the kids have since performed odd hard-working jobs throughout the years, contributing to the business such as cleaning the shop, painting signs, cleaning equipment, and blacktopping driveways up until it was time for them to leave the nest. All-Ways Drilling has serviced water drilling activities all throughout the northern parts of Idaho and Eastern Washington areas, branding themselves with the slogan:

“Your water is our business”

The Beginning

Butch and Becky grew up in Saint Maries Idaho, where they became sweethearts, parenting a son and three girls. They began their adventure in 1976 by purchasing their first home on the out skirts of Harrison flats. While living on the flats, Stanley purchased his father’s, Stanley Sr., logging equipment and started a logging business called Wolfe Logging prior to the start up of All-Ways Drilling. He maintained Wolfe Logging while setting up the drilling business in 1991 out of Harrison Flats.

Word spread throughout Harrison, Rose Lake, Saint Maries, and other nearby areas about All-Ways Drilling’s high water producing success and they quickly gained several satisfied clients over a short period of time. In November of 1994, Butch and Becky moved their family and business back to where they grew up in Saint Maries, where they became very reliable with their excellent reputation in the competitive Water Drilling Market. They continue to operate their drilling business well into 2015.

During this climb, Butch became one of the best water witchers around over the years, using the old technique of two wire rods as a device to locate underground water. He has been able to get every client water since. If you need water, he will find it!


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